Ri 2000 Specifications

 Built according to Ricoh’s world-class standards of engineering and design, the RICOH Ri 2000 delivers uncompromisingly high performance, innovative features, and unrivaled value.

RICOH Ri 2000

FeatureRICOH Ri 2000
Print Head Technology Ricoh piezo-electric drop-on-demand inkjet
Ink Chambers/Nozzles per Chamber 8 Ricoh print heads
16 channels / 192 nozzles per channel
Printable AreaUp to 40,6 cm x 49,8 cm with optional large platen
Typical Print Speeds
(10″ x 8″ graphic, LIGHT garment)
Super Speed: 9 seconds
Speed: 15 seconds
Fine: 28 seconds
Super Fine: 58 seconds
Typical Print Speeds
(10″ x 8″ graphic, DARK garment)
Super Speed: 54 seconds
Speed: 60 seconds
Fine: 74 seconds
Super Fine: 97 seconds
Resolution Settings Superfine: 1200×1200 dpi / 8 pass
Fine: 600×600 dpi / 4 pass
Speed: 600×600 dpi / 2 pass
Super Speed: 600×300 dpi / 1 pass
Ink Delivery System Advanced closed-loop delivery system; Auto ink circulation system for white channels
Printable Substrates 100% cotton and high-cotton blends; 100% light poly, up to 50/50 dark poly, wood and canvas. Hats, shoes and other extended media options coming soon
Table Height Adjustment Automatic table height adjustment up to 30 mm thick
Maintenance Features Precise ink monitoring, auto ink maintenance system, head cleaning jig, power purge system to help fill and remove ink from system
Operating Environment 15 C to 32 C, Humidity 45-80% RH, non-condensing humidifier recommended
Dimensions 52 cm H x 166 cm L x 86 cm W
Curing Temperatures and Times – Heat Press (conveyor times vary) 165 C, 90 seconds
Standard Table Medium (Included)
32,0 x 45,7 cm
Optional Platens Large
40,6 x 49,8 cm
26,6 x 33,0 cm
More options available soon.

Supported Environment/Connectivity