Ricoh Ri 4000

A new era of speed and efficiency for more profitable DTG businesses    

Our most advanced DTG printer brings unparalleled efficiency and garment versatility to high-performing businesses and print shops.

Now prints on 100% polyester with inbuilt enhancer (= polyester pretreatment). 

The first ink carriage lays down our pre-treatment enhancer. The second carriage lays down our eco-friendly CMYK and White garment inks. 

New inkjet enhancer print directly onto polyester. Saving you time, the enhancer pre-treats polyester garments.

Ricoh’s inks are safe, longlasting and vibrant. 

Software Solutions Built for Your Business

Save time by automating your workflow. Optimize your inventory by analyzing your ink use and print volume over time.

Deliver superior products with automated quality control and standardized color output across your network of printers. Ricoh’s cutting-edge software solutions allow you to take your print business to the next level.

Goodbye, Manual Head Cleans!

The RICOH Ri 4000 includes an innovative head cleaning jig designed for fast and easy nozzle maintenance. Instead of messing with swabs and wipes, you now simply attach your cleaning jig, add cleaning solution, and select “Jig Head Maintenance.”

For deep cleaning, use the new nozzle maintenance mode “Jig Head Maintenance NOZZLE CAPPING”

The printer does the rest of the work for you while you focus on running your business